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Friday, February 05, 2010

Effective Shark Protection.

Honduras has now joined the Maldives and Palau in setting an example how to protect their shark populations: These countries have decided to ban all shark fishing. Bravo!

The Save-Our-Seas Foundation people have informed their readers about the Honduran initiative; as we see no need to re-write what they have put on record, click here to be linked to their blog.

As old Bahamas fans - I lived in Nassau between 1974 and 1980; Felix was born there in 1976 - we would love to see the Bahamas following suit.

A ray of hope for the sharks in the Bahamas?

Photo: Wolfgang Leander
Click on image to enlarge

Just imagine the huge Bahamian archipelago with its 700 islands becoming a "legal" shark sanctuary!

Once aware of it, the sharks in the Bahamas would not migrate anymore, and stay "home" instead. Ask our "Doc" (Dr. Samuel Gruber); he will confirm that sharks are quite clever and fast learners.... :-)

Effective shark protection: Honduras, the Maldives, and Palau have shown the world that it can be done - with substantial benefits to their tourism industries
AND the health of their sharks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Patric Douglas is "ONE"

A while back, the people over at Shark Diver started a self-sufficent program that benefits sharks and helps marinas become greener - the concept is simple and has been implemented by various marinas in The Bahamas.

The program can be implemented anywhere there are sharks and spread the word.

I applaud Patric's work and foward thinking in developing this.